Fish and other seafood make up some of the healthiest protein sources on the planet.

9Colum, Padraic. Discover more interesting hurricane facts, trivia, & surprising history here.

} Norse mythology held that the end of the world would come about through a massive flood caused by Jörmungandr, the great serpent who circles the world. In 1519, Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan led an expedition of five ships in an attempt to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. 25Sanjayan, M. "What Oceans Provide." Scientists believe that the oceans contained at least some of their water more than 4 billion years ago. Lightning hits dry land more often than the ocean, but when it does hit the sea, the water can act as a conductor, electrocuting marine life near the surface. "8 Real-Life Pirates Who Roved the High Seas."

However, the ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean is shrinking by 8% every decade, and the reason is possibly global warming. Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle, Swim across the Pacific? All rights reserved.

"Meteorology." The ocean is the main driver of the planet's weather cycles, acting alternately like a heater and air conditioner. Concern over diminishing whale populations led many countries to heavily regulate or outlaw the practice in the mid-20th century. "Found!

Carrageenan, a seaweed extract, is used as an emulsifier in a variety of common products like peanut butter, toothpaste, and cosmetics. The names "Pacific," "Atlantic," and "Indian" were formally accepted worldwide in 1845. An avid reader and a nature lover by heart, when he is not working, he is probably exploring the secrets of life. Ocean Portal. Accessed: November 18, 2017. Uncegila was the name of a gigantic water snake in the folklore of the Native American Lakota tribe.

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